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Envelop yourself in radiant, supple skin with Rejuvenating Body Cream - a healing, nourishing, and protective delight. Enjoy collagen-boosting benefits from chlorella and niacinamide while multiple emollients and humectants hydrate for a glowing complexion. With a light, slip-enhancing texture, it's perfect for massage treatments. Bask in the enchanting scents of orange and Ylang-ylang as you pamper your skin with this luxurious embrace.

Rejuvenating Body Cream Benefits:

• Provides protein building blocks to improve tone and elasticity
• Emollients and humectants hydrate and moisturize for
• Orange and Ylang Ylang essential oils provide a natural, light scent
• Protects collagen within the skin while also moisturizing for radiant skin

Rejuvenating Body Cream

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